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When you contact Every Child Home with an interest in adoption, you will be matched with a guide who will walk with you through your process. Your guide will learn more about you and your situation to know best how to help you. Once you are ready to move forward with a potential adoption, your guide will be a consistent point of contact as you work through that process. Just like every child, every adoption is different, so providing you with a guide is our way to make sure you have a partner in the process who can help you navigate the early stages all the way to adoption--and beyond. Every Child Home is committed to staying in touch and continuing to offer support through at least the first year following the adoption, if the family wants.

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We believe one reason the need for adoptive homes is so great is simply because people aren’t aware of the need. To address this, Every Child Home is initiating a nationwide effort to educate our country on the plight of these children and the many ways we can help. This is being done through media, through targeted outreaches in some of the cities most affected, by interactive information centers being set up across the nation, and a variety of other means. We believe people will respond to this need as we help bring it to light.

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There is an army of caregivers who are meeting the needs of these young people who are in need of adoption. We at Every Child Home stand ready to assist foster care agencies, state agencies, group homes, and any other group providing care to these kids through hands-on help and interaction. Our goal is to make sure, while they are waiting for their forever families, for these kids to know they are loved and they are not alone.

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